Blossom – an exciting new fleece!

27 Nov


note the beautifully colour-graded locks
Note the beautifully colour-graded locks



Black Blossom
Black Blossom


White Blossom and Black Blossom locks have different textures
White Blossom and Black Blossom locks have different textures
White Blossom
White Blossom fleece
White Blossom Fleece
This is one of twins with hebridean dam and Wensleydale sire.
This is one of twins with hebridean dam and Wensleydale sire.


We are delighted to announce the launch of our Blossom fleeces. The pics give some idea of the sheep and the fleece. The White Blossoms have tighter ringlets.

Both types have a beautiful, silky, medium wool with a medium-long staple carried in locks.

The Black Blossoms are born jet black and remain very dark for the first year, then developing shades of grey and sometimes dark brown as they mature.

Useful for spinning, felting, embellishment and toy making.

Available in packs of 100gm for only £4.50.


3 Replies to “Blossom – an exciting new fleece!

  1. Freda, what’s new? I would like some more of your wonderful wool! A friend here in France, near Aux-en-Provence, in the country, is delighted with his sweater (wool from you!), so I will knit another one. You will not remember me-my sister collected the wool). I am so glad all is going well. All my best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. Rosaleen Yore

    • Hello Rosaleen,

      I do indeed remember you. Your sister picked up some yarn to take to you in Nice (you also had some Pugs). I’m not sure what type of yarn you have in mind but I have some gorgeous Romney DK which is slightly lustrous and, as it has a long staple, is very strong. I also have some worsted spun Wensleydale but only in 4ply or finer. There’s a wide choice of other yarns in DK. We can dye to your requirements – just send a sample of the shade and we shall match it.
      If you wish, I could send some shade samples.

      Wishing you a Happy Christmas and a peaceful 2017.


      I am glad that your friend was pleased with his sweater. The pure wool yarn is spun from the fleece of local sheep and each breed has particular qualities which we try to celebrate.

  2. Hello Freda. I have just seen your message and next time I will communicate by email as I check that every day! The Romney sounds good! Is it like the one I used before? Not white but maybe a grey (light, dark). I will also try to send you a photo of Michel in his sweater! Very cold where he is so he is VERY happy.

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